This is not a real poem but a vow I made to a fantastic woman I'm having real strong feelings for. We've been chatting for days in a row and everything just seems to fit. 

Believe it or not, I yet have to meet her in real life but it all feels so good and pure and true. Over 5.000 messages do tell you a great deal about someone so I so hope we can continue this great energy between us after meeting up!




I promise to always see you

for the wonderful woman you are

Loving what I know of you

Trusting what I do not yet

And supporting in what I discover

Along the way 

I also promise to truly treat you with kindness,

sensitivity and respect

whatever life may bring us

 And inn the meantime, will appreciate you every single day

in your kindness, uniqueness

and great sense of humour

for as long as you allow me to