Some people get so locked up and refuse to surrender to what is right in front of them: true and unconditional love. All because of not finding themselves worthy of true love and not daring to take the jump out of fear of getting hurt (again). 

It hurts to see someone judging by the mind and no longer by the heart when it comes to love. I can only hope one day they will find the courage to allow true love again.





It's easier to shield the world

Than open up your heart

Sails down, tightly furled 

No storm can tear apart


It's easier to talk you down

Than finding yourself worth

A pity fool in which to drawn

No love to walk this earth


It's easier to find you wrong

Than daring to admit

A touch of love coming along

A heart that just might fit


But life should not be easy dear

And love means working hard

So open up and dare to cheer

For love and life to start