AG - Vows


This serie of poems are dedicated to AG, my one and only ... or so I thought ...


So I met this beautifully strange, humorous, smart and wonderful woman at work. She was here for a short stay as her home office and home was thousands of kilometers away. Yet I couldn't but fall in love with her.


This is not a real poem but vows I sent her after she was back in her home country and we kept texting one another.




I promise to always see you for the mysterious Yeti you are:

 Loving what I know of you

Trusting what I do not yet know

Supporting whatever you (want to) become


I also promise to truly treat you with kindness, sensitivity and respect

whatever life may bring you

or, who knows, one day may bring us


In the meantime, I will appreciate you every single day

in your kindness, uniqueness and great sense of humour

for as long as you allow me to