AG - The morning after


This serie of poems are dedicated to AG, my one and only ... or so I thought ...


So I met this beautifully strange, humorous, smart and wonderful woman at work. She was here for a short stay as her home office and home was thousands of kilometers away. Yet I couldn't but fall in love with her.


OK, so the feelings grew a lot stronger. We agreed to meet again in Venice, the city of love. So I wrote her this promise of love ...



I may not be rich but I'm generous

I promise you what's mine is yours


I may not be a saint but I'm truthful

I promise I will never lie to you


I may not be sentimental but I'm tender

I promise I will always be gentle to you


I may not be able to solve all your problems

But I promise you won't have to face them alone


Finally, I may be a romantic but I truly love you

With all my heart. Always.


That I promise you.