AG - Fingers


This serie of poems are dedicated to AG, my one and only ... or so I thought ...


So I met this beautifully strange, humorous, smart and wonderful woman at work. She was here for a short stay as her home office and home was thousands of kilometers away. Yet I couldn't but fall in love with her.


So we decided to meet up in Venice, the city of love. One hotel room, one bed ... we had some intense moments but never took it any further. This poem just describes one of them.



Fingers going up and down

The soft skin of your arms

Fingers strangling in the night

Venice full of charms


Fingers going through your hairs

A smile adorns your face

Fingers stroking at your back

Your breath dictates the pace


Fingers playing on your legs

Your body close to mine

Fingers gotten you all wet

My god, you are divine