AG - Distance


This serie of poems are dedicated to AG, my one and only ... or so I thought ...


So I met this beautifully strange, humorous, smart and wonderful woman at work. She was here for a short stay as her home office and home was thousands of kilometers away. Yet I couldn't but fall in love with her.


So after Venice, there was still that distance remaining. She's so locked up and just can't surrender herself to what is right in front of her: true and unconditional love. And she feels so little of herself, it hurts to see.

It also hurts to see she's judging by her mind, not by her heart. I can understand though. It's a huge leap to get involved with someone thousands of kilometers away without knowing if it's really going to work out. Instead, you have your life and children and family right there so yes, finding a "local" solution would be much easier.

But it's a choice of the mind, not the heart. I just hope to be able to break through that barrier. Ever.





It's easier to shield the world

Than open up your heart

Sails down, tightly furled 

No storm can tear apart


It's easier to talk you down

Than finding yourself worth

A pity fool in which to drawn

No love to walk this earth


It's easier to find you wrong

Than daring to admit

A touch of love coming along

A heart that just might fit


But life should not be easy dear

And love means working hard

So open up and dare to cheer

For love and life to start