AG - Closure


This serie of poems are dedicated to AG, my one and only ... or so I thought ...


So I met this beautifully strange, humorous, smart and wonderful woman at work. She was here for a short stay as her home office and home was thousands of kilometers away. Yet I couldn't but fall in love with her.


No, this is not a happy ending story. She needs a man next to her, I'm miles away. And her heart wasn't totally free just yet as she wasn't really over her previous boyfriend either. So she couldn't open up and take the jump ... but didn't. Instead she decided to give her relationship with her ex another chance. All I can do is wish them the very best. I really hope he makes her happy. 


I built up walls as high as sky

Yet you went through like butter

I can't explain the how or why

Make me numb and stutter


You made me feel true love inside

Not lust, desire or craving

You opened what was locked so tight

A lover's fool behaving


Yet I can't make you love me back

And open up your heart

For you inside feel like a wrack

And choose to be apart


You were the one that made me feel

Complete in every way

As you're so pure and nice and real

I wanted this to stay


One thing is sure I can't deny

For after meeting you

No woman will ever come by

This feeling that we knew


So if you ever change your mind

Then let me be your man

For now my heart is turning blind

To never open again