I started this site in 1998, basically to have a way to share my pictures with family and friends as apps like Instagram didn't even exist yet. Anyway, photographers or any art-loving people - like designers - always feel the need to display their portfolio as attractive as possible for their website visitors. So, as years went by, the website constantly evolved and since 2004, it runs on a Joomla engine. We're now at version 4!

Driven by the passion of photography, I entered the digital scene in 2002. It wasn't the easiest thing to decide though, as back then, digital cameras were pretty much just a gig. But the technology was very intriguing and the post processing opened a whole new world of opportunities. I went from a great Fujifilm S2 Pro to full frame Nikon 750D to micro four third with the Olympus OM-D E-M5. A great photographer once told me "the best camera you will ever have is the one you have with you". Driven by smaller, lighter and very portable, I switched to MFT and haven't regret it ever since! I'm now at the OM-D E-M5 mk II and very happy with that choice.

Now I don't consider myself a great artist or photographer, but always try to catch the emotion or the atmosphere behind the picture. I often like to think of pictures reflecting so much more than just the recording of a moment. They reflect me. My thoughts, my feelings, my point of view of that very same moment. And trying to capture that moment in exactly the way I "feel" it is a great challenge with alternate success. 

I recently also added some of my poems I wrote throughout the years. As my pictures, they too reflect my thoughts and feelings of a given moment. And just like my pictures, they are but a snapshot of my life. I know this often shows my most fragile side but nonetheless I felt the time has come to share them with the rest of the world.

With this site, I offer you but a small window to my life. I hereby invite you all to have a peek in it and hope you do like your findings!